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    Noyka surf swimwear story


    Behind the Bikinis

    My name is Noy, a.k.a. Noyka. In 2012 I started designing women’s clothing, with the intention of creating collections which are unique and celebrate the female body.

    In 2014 I started surfing, and that is also when the idea for my bathing suit line started brewing. I understood the need for strong, durable and comfortable pieces for women, suited for surfing and all water related sports. The endeavor was an immediate success. I started a crowd funding campaign in order to launch my project. During this time, women were able to order my designs in advance just from looking at the pictures. The positive response I got was truly moving and inspiring. I was surprised upon discovering that my designs resonated with different kinds of women, not just surfers and athletes. Among those women are young mothers, girls who are generally active and even religious women. I feel blessed by the fact that many of these women have been following the brand since the beginning. This year I took a further step towards embracing all women, and focused on creating a line that young girls can also connect with.

    My studio is located at Alik’s farm, one of the most haunting and unspoiled spots along the Israeli Mediterranean coast. It is surrounded by eucalyptus trees and sand dunes, horses and peacocks. Even the drive through the unpaved roads in order to get there is in itself, a magical experience.
    I currently have more that 10 different models in a variety of colors and exclusive prints, all of them are eye-catching as they are comfortable. As always, a big part of my philosophy is to embrace women of all ages, shapes and sizes. Noyka bathing suits cater for a range of cup of sizes from 32A to 44E.
    My prices aspire to be fair and affordable. After all, we all deserve to have a colourful, quality bathing suit. Or two or three... So stay in touch, because more exciting new designs are guaranteed to come.
    Sincerely yours,